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Infographic of elements of a CMS website
Content Management System Health and Security

Content Management Systems are widely used by website developers for its great functionality. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the most popular CMS today. However, Your CMS doesn’t get or stay secure by itself.

There are 10 things you can do to keep your CMS healthy and secure.

Image of person sending emails
Email Security

Some pretty simple tips to make sure you are not an 'easy-target'.

Email is not a secure form of communication; never share sensitive information such as credit card information; documents with your signature on it. Always protect your computers from viruses, worms, Trojans and unwanted SPAM / phishing scams etc.

Protect yourself from the baddies out there
Protect yourself from the baddies out there

The Internet was originally designed to transfer data between trusted sites. Unfortunately trust now appears to be in short supply.

There are plenty of people out there that would rather 'take' than 'earn'.
Even worse are the ones who do it 'just because they can'.

Hands Holding Colorful Speech Bubbles Social Media Concept
10 Tips for Social Media Connection

Years on from it’s early days, there continues to be hype over the benefits of social media. In our experience, the way through the hype is a human-centred approach, which puts the ‘interpersonal’ at the heart of your communications.

Photo of HTML code
Web Accessibility For Techies

With the recent changes to Google’s page ranking algorithm (AKA 'Mobilegeddon'), mobile friendly, accessible websites are being prioritised in search results.  You may have read how web accessibility can be achieved in the eye of designers, business planners and SEO gurus. It's about time we go technical and explore what exactly Google expects from a website to be eligible for a page ranking bump, or at the very least, retain it.

Planning a digital strategy
10 Tips for Creative Digital Strategy

Digital strategy. As a term it’s becoming increasingly overworked. Whatever you call it, digital strategy is essentially a way of thinking about the digital world of the future and how you and your organisation’s communication fit into it. 

Photo of woman designing website
Designing for accessibility

Whether you are a graphic or web designer, it's important to keep accessibility in mind when designing for online applications. Designing to meet web accessibility standards can feel a little limiting, but once you get the hang of the basic rules to meet either AA or AAA standards it becomes second nature.

Photo of computer keyboard
Keep calm and carry on with web accessibility

Web Accessibility… the mere mention can strike fear into hearts of otherwise courageous people.

What should we be doing? Are we doing enough? Are we compliant and to what? What are the risks?

Photo of someone using mobile phone
How mobile friendly is your site?

You may have heard that on 21st April 2015 Google released a new algorithm for their search results to account for mobile friendly search.

You may now be asking yourself Is my site mobile friendly? and How do I find out?

Photo of deafblind person using the internet
10 things we love about building AA accessible websites with Drupal AGOV

AGOV is a distribution of Drupal 7 developed by Australia web development agency PreviousNext. In November last year Web Prophets completed a one day workshop with PreviousNext learning some of the details of the CMS and finding out a standard for deploying the AA Accessible solution for our clients.

Photo of iPad showing website statistics
'Must Have' Emarketing Tools

There are lots of online tools out there to help you promote your website online. We have listed some great tools for website rankings,  search engine optimisation, online and email marketing.

Illustration of planning a website project
Planning Your First Website

I know at times it looks like what website designers and developers do is black magic. So, to explain everything we do when Web Prophets creates a website for you we thought we would break down the 10 steps of planning your website project.

Photo of blackboard with SEO brainstorming
SEO - The Google Guide for your website

Make sure you have links from allied partners, industry associations & business directory websites linking back to your website. The more you have of these the more valuable your site is rated by Google.

Photo of website address
Registering a Domain Name

Here some tips on how to register a domain name and more importantly how to pick the right domain name for your business.

Photo of an email inbox
Emails, Aliases, Signatures & SPAM

Here are 10 tips to help you with managing your emails, aliases, email signatures and SPAM.